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KÜRT's data recovery service

KÜRT as European market leader in data rescue provides the following services:

HDD data recovery

We recovery data from physical or software injured HDDs'. The data recovery takes place in clean room laboratory.

Tape recovery

Inaccessible archive data can be used again with KÜRT's data recovery service.

Server / Raid recovery

Software rebuild of failure raids, servers, nas', or storages.
Data recovery from phisical injured data store devices counted above.

Floppy, ZIP drive recovery

Injured or malfunction Floppy or ZIP drive analysis and recovery.

FLASH and pendrive recovery

Memeory cards (SC, MiniSD, MicroSD, Xd, etc.), pen drive, other FLASH based data carrier recovery. In the event of physical or software damage.

CD & DVD recovery

CD and DVD disk's data recovery after physical, chemical and software malfunction.




News on us

KÜRT Data Recovery became Hungaricum

KÜRT Co. has grown from a small, Hungarian-owned enterprise into an international company group, developing technologies and solutions for information protection, data loss prevention and data recovery. KÜRT has earned considerable recognition and acclaim for its cutting edge technologies. KÜRT Co. has been present on the IT market for 25 years.

The Data Recovery Technology of KÜRT is market leader in Europe and is regularly used by companies and organizations from all over the world. Our technology’s key to success is the extensive experience and continuous research & development efforts carried out by our professionals in the past 25 years.

The Data Recovery Technology of KÜRT won Grand Prix of Innovation and Award for Competitive Product Development in Hungary and since January 2014 became Hungaricum.

"Hungaricum is a blanket term indicating a value worthy of distinction and highlighting within a unified system of qualification, classification, and registry and which represents the high performance of the Hungarian people thanks to its typically Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, speciality and quality, (...)." (Act XXX of 2012 on Hungarian national values and hungaricums)

Úton a KÜRT-beElégett merevlemez

There are 41 registered Hungaricums at the moment in Hungary.
The Committee for Hungaricums organizes several events in Budapest to promote the Hungaricums. One of them took place in the Buda Castle between 24 and 27.07.14.

KÜRT Data Recovery Team had the opportunity to show its technology and knowledge. At the opening ceremony we burnt and threw into water an external HDD containing the photo taken from the 41 Hungaricums.

Víz a merevlemez belsejébenOur mission was to recover data from the extremely damaged hard disk. KÜRT have encountered similar cases in the past 25 years. The successful recovery depends on many conditions and in 20% of the cases even KÜRT is not able to help. It is important to let the professional work to experts after any data loss, giving the best chance of a successful data recovery. KÜRT did its best in this case as well. Although the external case was burnt to the hard drive and even water was found inside the disk we created a successful physical copy and managed to retrieve the photo with the 41 Hungaricums.

In case of data loss call immediately our Customer Service on +36 1 228 5410.